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We're Not Just Soaps at The Soap Kitchen!

So with a name like "The Soap Kitchen" you could mistakenly think that I only make soaps - but that's not the case. I also love making candles, whether its to keep the bugs away (see the "Buzz Off" candles), to keep the house smelling and looking great, or to help celebrate festivals and separate occasions like my Lammas Candles (you can also read what I have to say about Lammas on my other website ).

The way I make candles is quite similar to how I make soaps and it's great to experiment and express creativity in different ways. It's amazing how some people are "soap" people and others are "candle" people (and there's nothing wrong with being both!). By making both soaps and candles I can create gifts for many people to love, either on their own or in gorgeous gift packs.

Candles can be made either in containers or from a mould, in many colours and with any number of fragrances or essential oils. Last December I even put together a tea-light candle advent calendar to give to my friends and family with a different scented tea-light candle for each day.

Candles can bring so much happiness for many celebrations or just for everyday and if I help bring that happiness to someone with a candle made with love - I'm all for that!

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